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Special Collections

The following special collections may be searched and browsed individually. Click on the title of the collection, and then begin your search. Items in these collections are also displayed when you are searching the full University of Dundee catalogue.

Brechin Diocesan Library
This collection of c10,000 books and manuscripts has been on permanent loan from the Episcopal Diocese of Brechin since 1961, and consists largely of theological books, some of great bibliographic interest. The Library was set up 1792 as a subscription library by and for the Episcopalian clergy of the Diocese of Brechin. In later years it was enriched by bequests, notably the bulk of the personal collections of William Abernethy Drummond (1719?-1809), successively Bishop of Brechin and Bishop of Edinburgh, and Alexander Penrose Forbes (1817-1875), Bishop of Brechin.

Almost all card catalogue records for this collection have now been converted to online records, but there are still a few works for which you will need to consult the card catalogue in the Main Library. All items in the collection are housed in Archive Services.

History of Medicine Collection
A historical collection held at Ninewells Medical Library.

Joan Auld Memorial Collection
A small collection of material on labour and related history. Donated in memory of Joan Auld, former University Archivist, it is housed in Archive Services.

Kinnear Local Collection
A substantial local collection of around 4600 items, most of which were donated by Catherine M. Kinnear. Housed in Archive Services.

Leng Collection of Scottish Philosophy
Works of Scottish philosophers of the 18th and early 19th centuries, purchased with money donated by Dr Janet Leng. Held in the Library Store.

Nicoll Collection
An art library forming part of the large art collection donated by James Nicoll, a former student. The collection includes art and art history books, including auction catalogues and is held in the Library Store.

Thoms Mineralogy Collection
A small collection of rare mineralogy books donated by Alexander Thoms. Held in the Library Store.